Coffee vending machine

Discover the perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere with our exceptional coffee vending machines. Immerse yourself in a world of rich aromas and flavors as our state-of-the-art machines deliver a freshly brewed experience at your fingertips. From classic blends to specialty beverages, our coffee vending machines cater to every taste and preference. Elevate your coffee experience and awaken your senses with our premium coffee vending solutions.


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  • 22” Large LCD Advertisement Screen
  • Black tempered glass, touch button input,top grade luxury
  • MDB interface
  • High speed mixer
  • Electricity leakage protection function
  • Maximum product choices: 4premixed hot drinks& 1 hot water
  • 4pcs of powder Canisters
  • Cup quantity: 130pcs (6.5-8.00 ounce)
  • Warm water barrel capacity: 1.8L
  • Water supply barrel capacity: 19L
  • Water supply: direct piping or water bottle
  • Machine size: 1610(H) x 580(W) X 620(D) mm
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Electricity: AC220V,50Hz
  • Rated power: 900/1800W
    Payment System
  • Bill Validator: Cash Code (Canada)/ ITL(UK)/ ICT (Taiwan)
  • Coin Acceptor and Changer (NRI/Germany)


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  • 22′ Android Touch Screen
  • Water Temperature : 92 C
  • Making time: About 45s
  • Cup capacity: 140 cups, 140caps (optional)
  • Cup size: 9 oz
  • Coffee bean hopper: 1.5 Kg
  • Instant canisters: 6 canister x 4 L
  • Water source : 38 L
  • Brewer system: 7-16g powder
  • Machine size: 1940mm(H) x 735 mm(W) x D: 790mm (D)
  • Weight: 220 Kg
  • Peak Power: 3000W Standby power: less than 25W
  • Voltage: AC100V-240V,50/60HZ
  • Precise temperature control. 92*C best for extracting water temperature

  • 9 BAR best-extracting pressure abundant extracting oil excellent taste

  • Have a variety of flavors (americano, Italian expresso, white coffee, latte, cappuccino, mocha)

  • Coffee is dispensed in 45 seconds, high efficiency

  • Fully automatic mode

  • Customized drinks & fast and convenient
    Payment System

  • Bill Validator: Cash Code (Canada)/ ITL(UK)/ ICT (Taiwan)
  • Coin Acceptor and Changer (NRI/Germany)

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