Bringing the best from our R&D team to satisfy our customers’ needs with innovative & proven solutions.

As a comprehensive smart vending machine company in Malaysia, Nu Vending offers a one-stop-shop approach that includes a range of services such as vending machines, IOT payment, customization, maintenance services, logistics, product sourcing, and location search. We believe in taking a holistic approach to our services, ensuring that our customers have access to everything they need to succeed in the vending machine industry.

We have developed our own Smart IoT Machine Industrial Motherboard and Android Operating System, which are the backbone of our vending machines. We have also integrated NUBOX unattended contactless payment solutions into our platform to provide a comprehensive solution for growing your business. Our Smart IoT machines serve as the core of our platform, receiving and collecting data from the machines, generating big data analytics, precise reports, and live alerts.

One of the key benefits of vending solutions in Malaysia is their ability to offer products to consumers 24/7, without the need for staffing or overhead costs. This makes them an attractive option for businesses looking to expand their sales channels and reach new customers.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards cashless payments in Malaysia, including in the vending machine industry. Cashless vending machines enable customers to purchase products without using physical cash. Customers no longer need to carry cash to make a purchase, which can be especially beneficial for those who prefer to travel light or do not carry cash for security reasons. Additionally, touchless payment options such as mobile payments or contactless cards can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus through shared surfaces.

Our Ecosystem

Here in Nu Vending, we have constructed a digital ecosystem that uses our cloud base system to seamlessly communicate our Smart IoT Intelligent machines to our in-house developed apps.

paving our future with nubox

  • Our very own Smart IoT  Machine Industrial Motherboard and Android Operating System.
  • NUBOX is developed and manufactured by our in-house research technology department.
  • Function as the heart of our Smart IoT machines, receiving and collecting data from the machines, generating big data analytics, precise reports and live alerts.
  • Endless integration possibilities with devices other than vending machines in the future. 

app powered to our users


Internal Marketplace

An internal market in the NUBOX app for our Smart IoT Machine owners to browse and buy products and location for their machines.

Machine Management

Our Smart IoT Machine owners are able to manage multiple machines and manage the items sold in their Smart IoT Machines using the NUBOX app.

Analytics and Report

The NUBOX app provides live sales data from the Smart IoT Machines. Our NUBOX analytics algorithm would process that live data and provide reports and recommendations.

Tier Membership Status

Our NUBOX app enables our Smart IoT Machine owners to provide a discount on purchases to their loyal customers.

Multuple Purchase & Purchase With Purchase

Our NUBOX allows multiple purchases of products and discounted bulk purchases of products on the Smart IoT Machine to increase buying of products whilst providing the consumer discounts and promotions.

E-Payment Channels

Our NUBOX app provides secure and encrypted e-payment channels to reload onto the app such as Grab pay, Touch N Go, Boost, Maybank QR, Paywave, and much more
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